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Incandescent light bulbs

Incandescent light bulbs have been available in some fashion or another for over a hundred years. They are very common and versatile lighting products. While they are not the most energy efficient sources of light, they are the least expensive bulbs to buy and they come in such a wide variety of shapes and sizes that they are sure to fit any application at all-no matter how unique.

The main type of bulb people think of when they hear about incandescent lighting is the a-line bulb. 'A' stands for the shape of the bulb; in this case, it is the shape of a normal light bulb. This model comes in a smaller A15 size mainly used for garage door opener light bulbs and refrigerator light bulbs. Since the bulb has a standard screw-in base, it can be interchanged with a normal sized A19 bulb whenever needed. The A19 and A21 bulbs are average sized bulbs, used in general home lighting.

Of course, not everyone needs A shaped light bulbs. You can find incandescent bulbs in a floor shape or reflector shape as well. It is more important to make sure you have the right size and wattage for these types because the flood light bulbs will either stick out too far or not enough, depending on your light fixtures and decor tastes. In fact, you need to determine if you would like standard floods and spots, or if you'd like to use the brighter, whiter, longer lasting halogen light bulbs (PAR lamps). PAR light bulbs are the most popular type used today, mostly thanks to the fact the light quality is better than any other light source. This is especially important in retail lighting, as well as places in your home or office that require the best quality light possible.

Decorative incandescent light bulbs are essential to complete the look on most places. It seems like we all have a chandelier in our dining rooms, or ornate sconces in our family room or bedroom. These fixtures typically require bulbs with unique shapes and candelabra bases. Of course, bases, shapes, sizes, and colors are often options that you can choose from to find the perfect light bulb combination for your needs. Torpedo shaped light bulbs are important in chandeliers, while tube shaped bulbs and amber bulbs are the perfect finishing touch in other areas.

The latest innovation in incandescent lighting is the full spectrum or daylight bulbs. Sylvania Daylight and GE Reveal are examples of this. Westinghouse Lighting also has an excellent line of full spectrum bulbs. You can get these in standard A shape, flood style, or decorative. The idea behind this type of bulb is to provide a look that simulates the color of the sun at noon. Make sure to give these a try, as most people who do report that they prefer this type of bulb to the older orange colored alternatives.

Finally, you can also find a wide variety of miniature automotive light bulbs and projector light bulbs in this category. Miniature bulbs are often labeled with a number, from 2 to 4 digits, that helps identify the bulb when searching for the one you need. It won't matter who made the bulb, as long as the number is available. Photo / Projector bulbs are labeled with a three letter code that identifies them for after market replacement. Some examples would be EKE, DAF, EXN, etc.

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