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Light Bulbs - Everybody uses them and everybody needs them. represents the web's largest and most complete light bulb store, eLightBulbs. They have over 20,000 light bulbs and accessories available to order online. Some of the best lighting name brands are represented; Sylvania, Westinghouse, GE, Philips.

  • Incandescent - General (A15, A19, A21, B10, C7, G30, G40, BR25, BR30, BR40, PAR16, S6, T6.5, T10, g40, Halogen (PAR16, PAR20, PAR30, PAR38, MR11, MR16, Single Ended, Double Ended), Full Spectrum / Daylight, Photo Projector / LCD/DLP, Healthcare / Medical / Scientific, Black Lights, Rough Service / Vibration, Miniature Indicator lights, Low Voltage, Specialty / Novelty, Long Life, XBO / HBO, Lumiline, LED...

  • Fluorescent - Standard, Linear, U-bend, Compact Fluorescents (CFL - Twist, Triple Tube, Flood, Globe, Circline, Bullet, Specialty, Pear / A-Line, Accessories), Germicidal, Plant Lights, Full Spectrum / Daylight / Neodymium, Gro-Lux, Tube Guards, Curvalume, Twin-Tube, Snap-in, Circline, Bug Zapper, Icetron, Cold Cathode...

  • HID (High Intensity Discharge) - Metal Halide, Low / High Pressure Sodium, Mercury Vapor...

  • Ballasts - You can also find a great selection of ballasts needed to power most fluorescents and HIDs, with a wide range of Sylvania and Universal (Magnetek) electronic and magnetic styles.

  • eLightBulbs has a broad selection of many related lighting items, such as Eveready / Energizer, Duracell, Maglite, Surefire and Sylvania flashlights and Eveready / Energizer and Duracell batteries. They also have the entire line of Westinghouse Fixtures and Ceiling Fans and a large selection of Christmas Lights (bubble lights, icicle lights, C7 / C9 replacement bulbs and miniature string sets) that are available year-round.

Light bulbs are one of the most widely used commodities around. Obviously they are used in every residential home in every room in the house, from kitchens to garages to outdoor terrace lighting. Business of all types (restaurants, hotels, schools, labs) can really help promote their image and improve quality with the right kind of lighting. Many people are benefiting from the energy savings that compact fluorescents allow by reducing your energy bill, still seeing the same light quality, and having a light bulb that lasts 10 times longer than regular incandescents!

Whatever your lighting needs are, eLightBulbs can help you. They have been in the lighting business since 1951 and they were the first light bulb company on the web!

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